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Platinum Blogger Template

Platinum Blogger Template

I converted Platinum WordPress theme into Blogger Template. Originally, Brian Gardner designed it and I converted it for all Blogger users and make it available for absolutely free.

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Google Page Rank Update

Google Page Rank Update

Google PageRank has been updated in June 2011 for the second time in this year. HackTutors got back its PR while it was 0 before. Now its PR 3.

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Get Thousands of High PR Backlinks Within a Minute

Get Thousands of High PR Backlinks Within a Minute

Now, you can discover up to *PR 7 DoFollow Pages* to place your Backlinks instantly! Yes you don't have to wait for a minute.

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(This article puts light on the need to make your mind clear about what sort of website you want to work on)

Want to create a content rich website?

Make your mind.what you realy wana make a website i thought that i might be helpfull in helping people know about this process of making a website
so as you! think about your strength and something you want to share with the the minds of your may be wanting to let people know
the ways u can minimize and disease? haan may be, or you may wana explain people how to keep your body healthy? or if yr a young boy and wana tell people how to
play a specific game? yeah that can be good  enough !

If your a women,u might wana make a website about lets say something to women's problems that you might wana explains,any health issues,or how to boost
yr moral if your not so good looking ?

Any thing you believe that you're good at or you might be able to help people out in a better way.That's exactly the topic for you!!
But note that choose a topic about which you are confident, that you would be able to put in plenty of material out there.

Want to create a business website?

IT is equally easy for you to create your own business website.whether you want to start your first time online setup or want to promote your local business
through a website or just want to create an online store.Think about a specific business you want to setup and follow the steps explained to achieve it your
own website.

so now your sure about your topic of website it is essential to learn how to achieve your goal! Here you might want to know about some of these before any detailed
information about the following:

a) a domain
b) a web host

 What is a domain?

domain is basically the name of your website for example the name of this website is ( know this is pretty exciting to know that you soon be owning your
own such a domain.But be calm. :) You must get all the information before you want to proceed.

 What is a web host?

You design your own website right? and now you need a place from which people from all over the world could see it? this is exactly what a web host do for you.
A web host would host your web here means it would save or publish your website files so that it is online and people could excess it.right?
It is like,if u live in a rental house of a flat and you pay for it monthly.same as pay a specific amount of money the the web host who hosts your
website for you..

Websites like GOOGLE,Yahoo!,MSN,YOUTUBE don't rent a web host.This might be so obvious that they are rich enough to buy all those expensive servers to host there websites
for them people like you and me,would just stick to the web host ( some people who could host a website for us ).Just don't bother about thinking that you might
buy a server for hosting your own website.YOU could !!! But be practical.Today there are like 95 % websites that are hosted  on web host and not there own personnel
servers.And i guess you might be wanna one of yea!

What if i use Free Web Hosts?

yes this is an option.but for whom? xD Yea this is important.I normally says free web host belong to those who are new to Internet or are non serious about making
there own website.yes you can use these free web hosts to get some experience and a general idea of web hosting.But only if this is an approach.But if you are willing to
setup your real website that what your planing about..i guess this is not what you wanted..

Why not to choose free web hosts for building a website?

This might satisfy you by me just saying that this is a plan from them to give you a little toffee so that  next day you really want to get a bigger yeah
Now coming to technical grounds, these host lack some basic freedom which you want to build your website.

1-They limit the number of pages you could put on your website ( just imagine you wanting to create a website of just 5 pages !! )NEVER !!

2-They dont allow your own Domain name.Like if you wanted to choose your website name to be " " what they would do is they would give you
a particular extension apart from .com..For instance your taking a free host like or
when you make an account they would give you a domain like this " " pr " " !!!
which you might not be wanting.

3-They put random advertisements on your website pages and you just cant stop them.
4-search engines like Google,yahoo,Bing,Askme wont recognize you so easily.It would take years to make yourself index into them.

( I remember my first free hosting website was and i put that to be indexed in google and it took like 8 months after i could finally
search it in google....that was annoying )

5-people don't rely believe that your doing some serious job.( think of the last website you went to with a link like : "" )
Never? same as me.It is natural that you know that these websites don't  really have much to offer apart from wasting your time\

6-The most important.what if you build a complete website with thousands of dollars revenue through google ads and on the next day that free web host decides to
close there company!!Boom.It would be your worst nightmare.

So yea generally i don't recommend people using free web host for some serious websites.But ya note that they can be help full for people new to this field and
want to just have an idea overall,than its good.

so now you know that u got to think about a domain,that is a name for your website and a web host who could host your website files,there are some more things you
must know about looking for a web host.

There are plenty of web host out there,but this is the point where you got to take a wise decision.You wont let this one go in chill !

OK,so how to choose your Web Host?

There are 2 different types of web hosts.One is the Linux operating system based and the other is windows.So both have different features to offer,different date

What basic things you must look in a particular web host which i be live is the most important are the following :

1-What is the data they going to offer.What bandwidth they allow.bandwidth is like the space which your website visitors going to use when they search your website
or watch any movies,if any.So the more the bandwidth the better the host date plan is.

2-do they give a free domain with the data plan.( You must be wondering that domain and web host? whats the link? ) Now days most of the web host provide some free
domain with there hosting service.So have to notice that whether they do so.Or if not for how much they give a domain with the hosting package.The best is that
if a host provides a free domain which popular web host do so now days.

3-Will they be giving any assistance after you get a hosting package from them,in case of any help need.

4-What up time do they give? That is what percentage of time your website will remain online so that people could visit wont be liking you website going
down as you paid for it! better the up time better the host.( It is quite obvious that all of them would say that they are the best.For that search a particular
web host name on and read the comments about that particular host.YOU would get an idea whether that host is good enough.

( My recommendation about web host is the one which i use.( I use what is best for me.And so as i am sharing with you.I researched for quite a long
time into this matter when i was going through this process.And i finally concluded that was far better than any of the other out there.I considered too but i would say here bluehost really appealed me !)

Why to choose BlueHost?

Blue host offers the best data plan.But why i choose it? This is because i had to make a website through Wordpress and bluehost is the only website matches the
wordpress requirement on the best note.( wordpress explained in the next step )Blue host is a Linux based web hosting company which gives unlimited amount of data
bandwidth,that is the visitors can surf as much as of your site and watch as many videos as much and you wont be bothered by the bandwidth issue! cool?
second,they provide a free domain for ever with there package until you remain there client.You carry the offer life time.That domain is yours !!
And every next domain you buy( if you want to make any other website) that would cost you just 10$..That's really a tasty meal!! And what if you need a help about your
hosting? yeah they got a live 24/7 help line from where you can take there assist.

BLuehost has 1 click option to install wordpress and many other cool plugins that you would need if you dont know programming and want to put in cool features to your

Thats why i choose them to host my website files!!

So then why

This can be good for the people who dont want to make a wordpress website and want to use a windows server.There rates are a little more than bluehost but are
quite option.

so yeah i hope that until now you know quite a much about domains and choosing a web host for your website.Buying a hosting is the only step which most of the people dont
want to take.Non of them really want to spend money.My frnd thats realy unlikely that you would be a success story after getting a free host.:) Believe me !

--Read More---about the process.