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Platinum Blogger Template

Platinum Blogger Template

I converted Platinum WordPress theme into Blogger Template. Originally, Brian Gardner designed it and I converted it for all Blogger users and make it available for absolutely free.

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Google Page Rank Update

Google Page Rank Update

Google PageRank has been updated in June 2011 for the second time in this year. HackTutors got back its PR while it was 0 before. Now its PR 3.

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Get Thousands of High PR Backlinks Within a Minute

Get Thousands of High PR Backlinks Within a Minute

Now, you can discover up to *PR 7 DoFollow Pages* to place your Backlinks instantly! Yes you don't have to wait for a minute.

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Search Engine Optimisation Tips

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Once you build your website and started using adsense you now need to build up your traffic.More the people land on your website more chances are that they would
click those ads which you put there.Most of your traffic comes from those search engines like google,yahoo.msn.Bing,askme etc so you need to make sure that your
website is at good ranking so that people would find your website.Statistics say that most of the people click any of the first three links the search engine gives them.So bringing your website up the rank in the eyes of search
engines is so necessary.

Normally these search engines update there servers quite often,that is they would find your website
soon after it is made but it is highly recommended that you submit your website manually to  search engines.Search engine optimisation is a vast field and this
should be one of your main priorities after setting up your website.

Learn how to bring your Website up the rank::

There are two types of search engine optimisation on which you can work for improving your website rank.

a) On page SEO
b) Off page SEO

On Page Search Engine Optimization::

On page search engine optimisation ( SEO ) is where you need to bring some improvements to your website for making them search engine friendly.You need to put relevant content in your website
so that it matches with the description of the page.The keyword density is realy important too.That you used right amount of keywords.for example if
your page is about cars maintenance, you page should contain this word car maintenance number of times.As its a keyword for your page.Other words can be
" car maintenance steps ", " car engines " and more.Repeating content is also disliked by search engines and for that they would give your website a dirty

The keywords actually shows that your page content is relevant to the topic of the page and for that search engine ranks you higher as you got right information.
Also usage of a lot of videos and pictures are not liked by search engines.As search engine bots who crawls over your website don't really get that picture.So if you use pictures
in your website do put in tags for that so that search engine recognizes it.

Put in relevant tags (both the meta tags and html tags) that are on top most blue bar of the web page,that describes your page.So to summarise make relevant
content,putting keywords all over your website content,putting tags to your pictures and videos,using relevant tags are called on page SEO

So if you need to generate traffic for your website which would click on the ads,you need to make your website search engine friendly.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization::

Off page SEO is basically about how well your website is linked to the outer world.More people know you and more they are connected with your website the more
search engine rates your site high.This type of seo is harder to achieve as compared to on page seo as thats totally depended on our skills and dedication levels.
But off page seo takes some time to accomplish.

The more other website are related to your website the more value your site is off to search engines.Whether you put a link of other websites on yours,or links are shared from
both websites ( that is you and the other website both put links to each others websites) is part of link sharing and is said to be off page yea this is not difficult at all
and is something you can achieve with hard work.

Advertising Your Website !

YouTube The Best Way!

I dont really look forward to the paid advertisements.we can get a lot of benefits from the advertisements like from Youtube.It is highly recommended that you do make a YouTube channel about your website
if you can and post videos there.Make people realise that your website have much to offer and they would get benefited.Collect more and more subscribers and put link to your website after your each video
to make people land on your website.This would really help!!

Learn Making Money With Your Website once you have enough visitors!